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Drawings: Sarita Chouhan - Butoh dance: Lucie Betz

Lucie and Sarita are meeting again after 10 years, coming together to make visible, the invisible lines of connection. Connecting the inner core to the outer, to create a new landscape through lines and movement. Touching the beauty, bringing it out from the depth of the soul and streching it across the space.

the video "Threads" will be shown in the Butoh Festival 2011 in Paris!

The CYCLE BUTOH OUVERT is organising an evening with:
Butoh-Videos "projections de video-danse butoh"


threads on the wall in over-lapping layers are like lines on paper becoming rich and dense with each stroke. They look archaic in nature with feminine energy trying to burst out, tension is on hold here. The body gently moves breaking free and realizing the self.


Open Studio Performance 26th March
- Dancing with lines -

Drawing installation by Sarita Chouhan/ Performance by Lucie Betz
on Saturday 26th March, 11 am
for studio address: contact Sarita Chouhan/

Video Open studio performance

like a breath...

lines here stretch to create a form, larger in dimension, but soft and subtle like softly blowing air from the mouth. The small little delicate swirling forms in tracing paper are going within and opening up. The body here is becoming forms in the installation going deeper and realizing the various dimensions of the work here.

lines swirling...

lines here are swirling and take the shape of abstract forms in tones of blacks and greys. The drawings are very rhythmical and in the process of creating the series with repetition, every time the brush moves in swirling motion a new form appears. They are spread on the floor and the body moves around feeling the swirls, they are hung from ceiling and displayed on the wall, the body as form tries to make contact with these swirling lines.


lines infinite...

lines stretching across, lines parallel, lines horizontal, lines vertical. The body moves concentrating from the centre along the lines in the rhythm of the drawings. The lines in the drawings are meeting, going apart but never straight. Body moves to create lines as straight as possible.